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The NHS: What’s your heart age?

Public Health England  (PHE) has spearheaded a campaign today for adults to know their Heart Age. The test provides an immediate estimation of their ‘heart age’ and if someone’s heart age is higher than their actual age, they are at an increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke. As part of the test results, it also gives suggestions on lifestyle changes to help people reduce their heart age such as losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising regularly and cutting back on alcohol.

PHE’s Heart Age campaign will run until 30th September. Adults are encouraged to search ‘heart age’ to take the free online test.


We’re being asked to spread the word about this test, ow you can do the same!

Crowdfunding for Lewisham

Spacehive is back in Lewisham
It’s a crowdfunding platform for projects that improve spaces and places.
They are currently looking for local projects in London to be part of Crowdfund London 2018. This is a £1m fund on Spacehive, from which the Mayor of London could pledge up to £50,000 per project.
If you are working on a project that will improve your local area, or know anyone who is, do contact the Spachive team.
Charlie Marchant
(020) 3841 5989

ASTHMA: 45,000 Support local family’s petition for new inquest

Our community is continuing to rally behind the Kissi-Debrah family. They lost Ella to severe asthma at 9 years old.The family are currently appealing to the Attorney General to re-open up Ella’s inquest in order to consider fresh evidence about levels of pollution in Hither Green.
Please find a minute to sign and then share this petition to help bring about a landmark coroners report.


There have been almost 50,000 signatories in such a short time because this affects *everyone* living in Hither Green, especially if you live within breathing distance of Brownhill Road, Burnt Ash Road, Hither Green Lane…

‘Holiday At Home’ Activity Programme for Older People!

Enjoy fun, games and sunshine this summer!

Several local groups are working together to produce a fab programme of summer activities for older people.
There  will be fun activities at venues across South Lewisham.

Please contact Co-ordinator Lesley Allen on 07729 785843 or contact the staff on the posters directly.

Spread the word! This will be a #SummerOfFun!