Communities compete for funds to make our roads safer.


Several local areas are competing for much needed funding to improve ‘dangerous’ road layouts. Following a serious crossing incident on Manor Lane last year and several near misses on Hither Green Lane, concerned local schools, community groups and Councillors have been lobbying for design changes to be made to major local roads to make life safer for pedestrians.

Lewisham Transport and Highways have conducted feasibility studies for changing the layouts of several local roads.

Do click each road to view the feasibility studies, supporting documents and maps.

Prioritising Pedestrians. Most of the schemes involve narrowing of the carriageway and replacing speed humps with raised tables at side roads and junctions,

Funding. Transport for London’s Local Implementation Plan is a competitive bidding process. What follows will be a knockout competition, with successful road schemes advancing to the next stage at the expense of other worthy projects. Schemes will be judged on the need, design and level of community support.

All the road improvement projects are worthy, so there are going to be some very disappointed people.

Groups competing against each other for favour and resources…-Very Hunger Games!

The deadline for emailing support for your chosen road scheme has been extended to Sunday 29 June.

Send emails to







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