Community Event: The F.U.S.S Great Hither Green Heart Beat


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2 thoughts on “Community Event: The F.U.S.S Great Hither Green Heart Beat

  1. The Great Hither Green Heart Beat is an Art Competition, an exploration of your local area and a Scavenger Hunt.
    You can take part in just the Art Competition or the Scavenger Hunt or of course both!
    The Scavenger Hunt will take you on a walk or “beat” around Hither Green and will take place on the weekend of 24th and 25th May.
    This is the same weekend as the end of The Hither Green Festival and the theme of the Scavenger Hunt/Art competition is: “MY LOVE IS…”
    Your design should show the Scavenger Hunters something about you as a member of the Hither Green community. Are you fanatical about films, gripped on gardening or crazy about cats?
    The design is completed on a heart template and can be created using whatever media you desire…paint, pencil, collage etc.
    There are 3 categories you can enter into:
    1) Child 17 and under
    2) Adult (18+)
    3) Family Group (This is for families with young children who may need some adult assistance to create their finished design)
    There will be prizes for the best designs in each category. The designs will be voted for by people taking part in the Scavenger Hunt by liking designs on the F.U.S.S at Hither Green facebook page in the week after the Hunt.
    To take part a FREE heart template needs to be requested via the F.U.S.S website or picked up early evenings by Hither Green Station
    Next you need to register your intention to design a heart.
    Register your Heart design at by 5pm Saturday 10th May.
    You may have multiple Hearts per household but only one design per person per category.
    After you have registered you have until Friday 23rd May to complete your design.

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