The Culatello Christmas Supper Club @ The Catford Canteen Saturday 14th December.

Culatello are Pierpaolo and Kate, a husband and wife team who have recently set up a small venture, importing quality Italian artisan produce. They live in Beckenham and trade at local farmer’s markets in South East London.
Food Provenance: Pierpaolo is the Italian connection;  His family are from  Emilia Romagna, the engine room for fine Italian food such as prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Regiano.
Supporting a new business: They decided to set up a small business importing fine Italian produce after a sudden change in employment circumstances. Culatello focuses on their passion for fabulous food and makes use of their great network of contacts in Italy.
Culatello  Supper Club @ The Catford Canteen:  The Culatello menu 100% focused on a traditional Italian festive feast that would be served at any family home in Emilia Romagna.

  • First course = delicate crostini such as tomato’s marinated in garlic and pea and mint with pecorino
  • Second course = fresh, homemade cappelletti with mortadell and ricotta served in butter and sage sauce
  • Desert = homemade digestive, biscotti and affogato

Let’s support this fledgling local business! The Catford Canteen project has been a roaring success thus far with BBC London popping down to find out more about excellent local food businesses running boutique dinning experiences in what was an empty Catford store.

Catford Canteen- Saturday 14 December 
28  Winslade Way  (Catford Shopping Centrer)
Time: 7-11pm

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