Manor Park, Longhurst Road entrance- Fun on the River Quaggy!

Bridge over the R Quaggy!

Calling all volunteers – come have some fun, and leave a lasting legacy in Manor Park!
Manor Park Users Group has successfully funded and commissioned improvements to the new bridge, in Manor Park, to restore easy access to this popular section of the river Quaggy.

Now we need your help to finish the job!
We don’t need your money, we just want your enthusiasm!
TUESDAY 19th November, 10:00am
Meet on the Bridge over the Quaggy, in Manor Park

THAMES 21 are generously giving their expertise – You are providing the muscle!
We will be regrading the area from the bridge to the river and building steps in order to enable safe easy access to the rivers edge.
No previous experience necessary!

We look forward to seeing you there. No need to book, but if you are planning to come it would be helpful for us to know, so we have a rough idea of numbers.
See you at the waters edge!


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