It’s 2 – 0 to Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign in the Courts! – article by Barbara Veale

Article by Save Lewisham Hospital Campaigner Barbara Veale.

The Government has been found to be acting unlawfully again.  I was in court for both days and the Government case was so weak. It was made weaker by the disclosure that they had amended the Care Bill in the House of Lords in order to change the wording and meaning of those Acts dealing with appointment of Special Trust Administrators (TSAs) and their powers.

It took all of 5 minutes for the judges to retire, have a discussion and then return with their unanimous judgement.

If the to the Care Bill  amendment is not overturned when the Bill returns to the House of Commons then TSAs and the Health Secretary will be able to do to any hospital in England what they tried in Lewisham.   No hospital will be able to consider itself safe.

The next steps for the Campaign now is to call for the resignation of Jeremy Hunt and to get the amendment overturned.  We have a petition to that effect already on the go signed by so many people who came to the Hospital on Tuesday evening to celebrate.

Barbara - in Campaigning Mood!
Barbara – in Campaigning Mood!

Please sign it in the local cafes or on-line – should be on-line any time now – and look out for how to lobby MPs, particularly Lib Dems, to vote against the amendment.



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