A Happy Hither Green Harvest!

Hither Green and Lee celebrated the harvest season in style yesterday with events held across the area.
St Margaret’s and The Good Shepherd in Lee had a harvest festival and barn dance while St Swithun’s on HGL had a very successful Farmers’ Market.

The nave of St Swithuns was filled with fresh, local produce and local people eager to support the event.

It was wall to wall cakes and vegetables, fresh fruit juices and home made pies. There were cards and stationery, artisan jewellery, spicy sauces and books galore.

Out in the Church kitchen garden were three chickens from down the road at St Mungos who had heard there was quality corn being grown in the garden! The girls were a HUGE hit! So many hugs and cuddles!

The birds were set up in a luxury temporary pen, complete with straw and choice hand picked morsels. However the three girls were soon running loose around the large church garden (with permission from Jenni the Gardener!)

They clearly loved the new environment and spent the day eating and being petted.

The birds brought a little of their magic to the community- giving out 100s of cuddles! Even people who were nervous around birds and scared of flapping eventually recognised how calm the birds are and came forward to pet them.

Rev Jane may now be looking into getting their own flock of chickens!
In all, a very happy day.


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