Grove Park- One Day Solar Energy Course

Grove Park: A one-day Solar Energy Course. Grab the opportunity to learn more about off-grid electricity generation.
It a hands-on, basic guide to photovoltaic cells and energy storage. There are an increasing number of homes in the Borough with panels on the roof- so why not look into doing the same?

The course will be taught by Alex Saunders, who studied at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Wales. Alex has a background in engineering and installed a number of off-grid systems (static / domestic and mobile) using wind, solar and inverter background systems. He annually provides in association with AV Resource, the power for the children’s areas of the Glastonbury Festival and the Big Green Gathering.

The morning will focus on theory and the afternoon in the garden of the community centre, where every participant has the chance to practically learn how to wire and test a small ‘off-grid’ photovoltaic system in practice.

Date: Sunday 20 October
Time: 10- 5pm
Venue:  The Ringway Centre, 268 Baring Road. London SE12 0DS

Solar Course


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