Mountsfield Park Changes – The Pace Quickens!


The giant 1980s leylandii conifers along the boundary of the new community garden site have come down! This happened last Thursday much to the surprise of everyone.  Now those trees have gone, light has flooded onto that dark footpath,  and there are clear sight lines from Stainton Road through to the park. The area feels completely different.

 From monstrous leylandii to firewood!

IMG-20130923-06514View: Bowling Green through to Stainton Road

The felling of the conifers was first mentioned at the Groundwork Consultation in the park last October, the idea being to ‘design-in’  security to make the park feel safer.  It was always a dark little corner which joggers and families avoided even during the day.  The conifers on the far side may be coming down this week to allow full views into the main park.


Community Garden >> This Way!

 Community Garden Entrance

John, the Mountsfield Park Park KeeperJohn, the Mountsfield Park Keeper

INSIDE THE BOWLING GREEN:  Wandering around to the entrance to the former Bowling Green, we came across John the Park Keeper. Having never previously been inside, he took us on an impromptu tour.
The space is HUGE!  It is surrounded by some very special trees and mature shrubs, but the new community garden is going to take some doing!

Mountsfield Site 2

The former bowling green lawn is now thoroughly over grown; there even is a self-sown mini cherry orchard in one corner. To get involved in the community garden project, even at this early stage please email


Site Hazards: Spot the large ditch and the hidden foxholes. Site Hazards: Spot the large ditch and the foxholes.


View from the footpath through to the old cabins. View: from the footpath through to the old cabins.

SITE SAFETY: Lots of work still remains to be done before the site is safe for the public to have a look around. A large concrete ditch still runs around the site perimeter ( a remnant of the former bowling green) and the site is also riven with foxholes, hidden from sight by the undergrowth, just waiting to break an unwary ankle.

John the Keeper also pointed out piles of  asbestos roofing material removed from the former park  toilet block roof and dumped,  so please pass on the  ‘Stay out for now’ message to your children.

But yes, between the Mizen Foundation taking over the Park cafe and the site being opened up- it’s very nearly time to start getting excited!


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