St Mungo’s: Cream teas and cordless drills!

St Mungos Kitchen Garden- coming on a treat!

Saturday 21 September: St Mungo’s residential Centre had a successful Open Day today as part of the Open House London weekend.  Visitors from across London came to see the modern, airy and purpose built centre for the homeless.  They were taken on tours of the Centre, visiting resident accommodation, treatment and  therapy rooms, the kitchen gardens and the chickens!

Residents also got into the swing of  things by baking cream teas using eggs from their very own chickens! The chickens and the kitchen garden are the responsibility of the residents.

Residents have also begun to build a large walk-in pen for the birds, and were on hand to answer questions from visitors about its  construction and about the kitchen garden.

It was really lovely to meet so many local people too who had read about the Open Day on this blog and on Twitter.

Huge congratulations to the team of residents who are constructing the run,  it’s a great achievement. Congratulations  especially to Rob who has been up at 7.30am crafting the framing panels.

Thanks also to St Mungos staff, especially the management team who somehow always find a way to say ‘yes’ to our plans!

Thanks too to Travis Perkins Catford who were so very helpful and quick with advice.  Together we’ve created a mini- farm of which we can be very proud!

IMG-20130908-06241IMG-20130922-06481 IMG-20130922-06484 IMG-20130922-06486 IMG-20130908-06245 IMG-20130915-06287 IMG-20130922-06466


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