Lewisham Central Ward: Funding available for community groups

Lewisham Central  Assembly funding is now open for groups and organisation who can deliver projects which improve the Lewisham Central area. The main purpose of the fund is to assist the Assembly to deliver actions in their action plan. As such, all funding proposals must show how the project they are proposing meets one or more actions on the Assembly action plan.

MAP: Lewisham Central Ward
There is £12,500 available to apply from. In addition, a Locality fund of £2,500 is also available for community activities or projects of a one-off nature. Projects proposed for the £2,500 grant does not need to adhere to one of the Assembly priorities, but must benefit or enhance local community. Contact Ade Joseph on 020 8314 6026 or email adeyinka.joseph@lewisham.gov.uk to find out more about the fund or to request an application form.

LC – Assembly Fund Poster 2013-14

MF guidance 2013-14

MF- Fund project proposal application  form 2013-14

Closing date for all application is Monday 16 September 2013. Click here for Local Assemblies Website


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