Get eggscited ova St Mungo’s new chickens!

Yesterday, eight new girls became St Mungos’ residents! Eight very special hens from a bio dynamic orchard in Sussex arrived at the centre care of Eggs from Scratch.

  Residents worked together to prepare the temporary chicken shed, setting up feed and water units and laying down bedding.

Residents came from all over the centre to say hello and to pet the new girls The hens are used to being handled and loved the attention.

The chickens stirred some very deep emotions in residents.

More photos here on Facebook  

Laurence was FANTASTIC with the birds and the residents and stayed for a three hour training session.  Care instructions and a daily + weekly task list have gone up in the shed and it is now up to the residents to provide the care.  Lewisham Gardens volunteers will join residents this weekend to begin building a permanent walk- in run.

Drop us a line at to join in or just to visit the new St Mungos residents!


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