Hither Green Girls get stuck in!

Thank you to the committed  ladies who came to the community gardening session today!

Every gardener has had to deal with the lack of rain- but at home you can always get the hose out!  Any water for plants in the Springbank Road garden has to be brought in by volunteers.IMG-20130720-05312.jpg

The  community garden on Springbank Road has put the team through it this year! The lack of rain for the past month is the very least of it: –

  • builders from the housing development above emptying buckets of plaster over everything from on high,
  • street drinkers with their cans
  • thoughtless bus passengers and train commuters reliving themselves on the planters  (blech!)-

The garden has really suffered this growing season. Shrubs and herbaceous plants which put on such a fantastic display last summer have had a very tough time this year.

Springbank Clean Up!

We can’t do much about the weather but we are looking into having water butts installed in the autumn and more street bins from Lewisham.  The housing development should be done by the end of the year too, and the intention is for the developers to repair the front wall so the garden looks smart and cared for.

What we did do today is have a HUGE clean up.

IMG-20130720-05315The garden was fairly horrid- fast food containers, commuter newspapers  and cans, always the cider cans.  The bins by the bus stop were over flowing- there seems to be a distinct lack of personal responsibility by some locals and a lack of sufficient bin capacity. Actually has anyone else noticed a marked increase in litter in these warm weeks? Along HGL and Staplehurst Road too.

The HGCA and FUSS at Hither Green are volunteer groups- local residents just like everyone else- if we would all think a little more about our neighbours and wider community, there would be a lot less litter strewn across our streets.


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