People’s Day- all life is there!

Walked over to People’s Day with the family yesterday.  The great thing about People’s Day is you meet lots of people you know. The not so great thing  about People’s Day is that you meet so many people that you know!

Met people from school  (Forest Hill Boys, Class of 1988!), people from the kids’ schools and lots of friends. We also walked slapped bang into the awful woman who drove my wife to change jobs!

We sat on hay bales and watched the kids perform, painted unicorns, petted police horses, rolled down grassy hills, ate barbecue chicken, ice creams, and candy floss AND came home with a little change from £20!  Bargain- thank you to Lewisham for putting on a great event.

IMG-20130713-04959 IMG-20130713-04998 IMG-20130713-04972 IMG-20130713-04978IMG-20130713-05010


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