Climbing Kilimanjaro: A Rock Solid Adventure

2013-07-07 18_opt (1)

“Oh the places you will go!”

Ellie Veale, a Hither Green local and Birmingham University undergrad, reached new heights of success this week by completing a charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Ellie safely reached Uhuru Peak, the highest point on the mountain, which at 19,340ft, is thousands of feet higher than Everest base camp.

Ellie reached the summit despite suffering altitude sickness, and the effects of malaria tablets, just after dawn on Monday 8th July; the temperature was -20C! She raised a fantastic £2,800 for the Meningitis Research Foundation!

And take a look at what Ellie had in her backpack, the fight for Justice for Lewisham Hospital has gone international! This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as her mother is non other than seasoned Save Lewisham Hospital campaigner Barbara Veale!


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