Lonely Bouquets- random acts of kindness!

Lewisham Hospital- A Lonely Bouquet awaiting collection  by Flowers by Shamini

This past Sunday  was Lonely Bouquet Day! Beautiful hand bouquets are left in public spaces for strangers to find and delight in!

The bouquets are left with a note titled ‘Adopt Me Please, ‘- the note explains  the bouquets  are free to take!

Book Crossing  is an established project,  but saying it with flowers is a very lovely concept!

We heard about this project through  Flowers by Shamini a local florist who left bouquets in Chinbrook Meadows and Lewisham Hospital.

Manor Lane Lonely Bouquet!

We were so inspired,  a bouquet was picked from blooms in the garden that very day ! It was made up of 30 ox-eye daisies, white foxgloves, yellow parsnip flowers and tall spires of linaria.  I know precisely nothing about flower arranging,  but we tied it all together with garden twice so it looked respectable and  left them by the Kellerton Road / Manor Lane entrance to Manor House Gardens on Monday after work.

It was gone 15 minutes later! quite thrilling actually!

‘The ultimate goal of this initiative is to dedicate one day a year to making strangers happy.’- Fleuropean Flower blog!


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