Mountsfield Park – It is time to get organised!

Mountsfield Park is much beloved of families, joggers and dog walkers  because of its wide open spaces and vistas across South East London.  Yet while  other parks in the Borough have benefited from massive investment in recent years,   Mountsfield suffers rather badly in a comparison of amenities.

Check the  results from the huge consultation in the park last autumn undertaken by Groundwork a national environmental charity. The Friends of Mountsfield Park worked with them to attract hundreds of local users to express an opinion. Groundwork claimed it was officially their most successful consultation ever.


Mountsfield Park Playing Fields – June 2013

A Cafe for Mountsfield? The desire for a cafe in the park with inside seating and toilets was undoubtedly the most emphatic result of the entire survey.  Ladywell Fields, Manor Park and Manor House Gardens all have successful cafes- so why not Mountsfield?  At the recent Friends Group meeting, Lewisham Parks and Regeneration made clear that despite the overwhelming local support for the idea of a  cafe, they remain to be convinced of the business case.    So is there enough local interest in a permanent cafe, be it brick built or a  modular building? 

If a cafe would mean you are more likely to use Mountsfield or stay longer in the park then it is time to let the decision makers know.  The decision over whether Mountsfield can sustain a viable cafe  is being made *very* soon.  Hither Green and Catford locals  can no longer assume  that  ‘someone else will sort it out’- you have to register your voice.   Email the Friends Group: and your local Councillors. They will send the messages onto Martin Hyde,  Head of Parks and Regeneration.

Think BIGGER! Is anyone you know interested in tendering for a cafe contract? Ever considered starting a small business or community social enterprise? 

The Friends’ Group meeting with the Council. 17 June 2013

Read an account of the recent Friends’ Group meeting with the Council.

A Community Garden for Mountsfield ParkIMG-20130617-04027

The once  immaculate Mountsfield Bowling Green is no more. The site had been locked up for many years now, and has been  allowed to become an overgrown wasteland.  Last year,  locals approved the suggestion of turning it  into a community garden.

Well now the Council is asking for people to step forward and get involved. So if  you were one of the hundreds who ‘strongly agreed’ with the concept of turning  bowling green into a food growing space,  NOW  is the time to do something about it!

The Friend’s Groups is calling on school groups, residents’ associations, sports clubs, local parents- to get together and convince the Council of your interest and good will.  Email your support for a community garden to the Friends’ Group  or send in your Expression of Interest if you are up for running it.

The time for passivity and inertia has gone- in these straitened times, communities need to advocate for themselves-  the relevant council department has been cut to 2 just people.  If you want local services and amenities- its is time to get organised! 


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