Keeping Chickens: Beginner’s workshop

Have you been thinking of keeping chickens? There are a number of local people doing this, we know of 12 families locally who are looking after poultry from ex-battery hens to designer silkies.

Well here’s your chance to join them, book your place, at Phoesbe’s Garden Centre on Saturday 29 June for a Chicken workshop hosted by Omlet’s own chicken eggsperts.

There will be two sessions 11.30 am & 1.30pm each lasting approximately 30-40 minutes

The talk will cover:

    Introductions and coup sizes for Eglu Go and Cube.
    Chick to point of lay.
    Importance of vaccinated hens and chicken myths. (Like You don’t need a cockerel to lay eggs.)
    Chicken handling, egg collecting and expectation.
    Cleaning/mites and how easy it is to clean a Go and Cube.
    Wing clipping.
    The closest poultry vet (Sidcup)
    Then 5-10 minutes of Questions answered.

So hurry, get your place booked by email to with your time preference. We will then email you your e-invitation, please present this on the day. This is strictly on a first come, first served basis as numbers are limited. Unfortunately this is an adult only workshop.


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